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Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Approved by CRTC

Ottawa, Ont. February 22, 1999—the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced today that, effective September 1999, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) will be carried on basic cable throughout Canada.

"I am tremendously excited by the opportunity the aboriginal people of Canada have been given. This historic decision will be a major step in building bridges of understanding between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people of Canada," stated Abraham Tagalik, TVNC Chairman.

The CRTC decision paves the way for the world’s first national, public aboriginal television network dedicated to stories by and about aboriginal people across Canada and around the world.

"I applaud the progressive position taken by the CRTC to ensure that telecommunications in Canada fulfills its role to protect and nurture Canadian culture," added Mr. Tagalik.

APTN is an enormous challenge for aboriginal Canadians. APTN is committed to delivering a full spectrum of high-quality programming that will build and sustain a dedicated audience. APTN will broadcast approximately 120 hours per week of programming in English, French and aboriginal languages.

APTN will build on the success of TVNC (Television Northern Canada). TVNC has provided quality aboriginal programming in northern Canada for the past seven years. The success of TVNC has created an awareness of the importance of communicating aboriginal perspectives. It is logical that the success in the North should be extended across Canada. The new network will be national in scope and will allow aboriginal people from all regions of Canada to share their stories.


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Jennifer David, TVNC Director of Communications 1-888-278-8862, ext. 222

Abraham Tagalik, TVNC Chairman, in Iqaluit 613-795-7787

Brenda Chambers, TVNC Executive in Vancouver, 604-619-2520