Organizations must look forward if they expect to survive in this new environment which has seen decreased spending by all levels of government. has several objectives for meeting the challenges of the future.

  1. To pursue initiatives in keeping with the principles of self-government as well as other Canadian policies which recognize the special place of aboriginal culture.
  2. To share the unique character of aboriginal culture with all Canadians.
  3. To counteract stereotypical portrayals of aboriginal Canadians in commercial programming.
  4. To ensure the continuing financial viability of in light of government fiscal restraint
  5. To expand the geographic reach of service and take a leading role in the multi-channel universe
  6. To ensure that aboriginal Canadians have equal access to the Information Highway
  7. To ensure that the broadcasting and telecommunications services available to aboriginal communities deep pace with technological innovation.
  8. To ensure aboriginal Canadians establish control of the technological innovations which will affect aboriginal communities
  9. To contribute to the distribution throughout Canada of high-quality Canadian programming that portrays aboriginal culture.