Our lives, histories, cultures, beliefs and philosophies have always been judged through a foreign value system. Our roles in the growth of Canada too, have been screened through the same process. There is a need to see Canada through Aboriginal eyes. We are your neighbours. You should get to know us, because the community, the region and the country becomes more secure when you know and trust your neighbours. Canada will be a stronger, more united and more enlightened nation. Its culture enriched. A lofty goal perhaps, but one that APTN, through its programming, is intent on achieving.

Seeing Canada Through Aboriginal Eyes

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network will be programmed by and for Aboriginal people. Large portions of its schedule will appeal to all Canadians. Within this broad context, it will exhibit the characteristics of any general interest television service: a mix of all types of programming targeted to all age groups and interests. As our consumer survey demonstrates, the service would also hold a strong appeal for the non-Aboriginal population, with 11% indicating that they would definitely watch and 47% indicating that they would probably watch the service.

The programming schedule of APTN will be substantially different from what is currently available on TVNC. TVNCís members have suffered through several years of reductions to their core funding. The Northern Native Broadcast Access Program (NNBAP) funds eight societies which supply programming to TVNC. The NNBAP funding has been reduced by 30% over the past few years. As a result, program supply has been pared back, resulting in many repeats in order to fill the schedule. Through its license fees, APTN will inject much needed revenue into the NNBAP programs supplied by these organizations. In addition, APTN will acquire up to 30 hours per week of new independent production from southern Canada. APTN will produce Canadaís first daily national Aboriginal newscast. APTN will be relevant to all regions of the country, greatly expanding on TVNCís northern-only mandate.