Scholarships & Funding Sources

Aboriginal Awards Program – TransAlta Corporation

  • Four educational awards of $3000 per year (2 college, 2 university) for Aboriginal students who meet the necessary qualifications
  • Deadline is early June.

The Bank of Montreal ” Canadian Aboriginal Youth ” Bursary

  • Available to Aboriginal students aged 13-17, who are residents of Canada.
  • Created to provide students with financial assistance for books, transportation, special equipment, etc..
  • Applicants will be reviewed on the basis of geographical location, level of need, contributions to community, academic consistency and educational goals.

The Canada Trust “Partnerships for Youth” Scholarship

  • For Canadian Aboriginal students enrolled in a post secondary institution.
  • Must be in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year in the areas of business, administration, medicine or technology.
  • Applicants will be reviewed on the basis of geographical location, level of need contributions to community, academic consistency and educational goals.

The Canadian Aboriginal Science and Technology Society CASTS Scholarships Programs
* Duval House Communication Careers Scholarship*

  • Offered to students in communication fields such as journalism, graphic design, television and radio arts.
  • Awarded to post-secondary graduate and undergraduate students for leadership and academic achievement.
  • CASTS members given priority
  • Individuals cannot receive more than one scholarship per year.

CN Scholarship for Women

  • $500 scholarship for women registered in non-traditional trades, such as welding, machine shop, heavy equipment mechanic, industrial electronics technician/technology, mechanical engineering technology and CAD/CAM engineering technology.
  • Deadline is late July, apply early though.
  • Applications available through Student Services or Registrars office

Canadian Native Arts Foundation
National Aborginal Achievements Foundation – Arts Scholarship

  • Provides financial assistance to Canadian Aboriginal People for education and training initiatives in the performing arts, visual, crafted, media, literary and graphic arts.
  • Funding for universities, college, training, private institutions, attendance to seminars and events, apprenticeship, internship, mentorship and other courses.
  • Deadline is March 31 and September 30.
  • Must provide work samples and letters of reference.
  • For more information as well as applications contact:

Gill Purcell Memorial Scholarship for Native Canadians

  • Annual $4000 award for Natives enrolled in Journalism program in Canada.
  • Deadline is December 31st of each year.
  • Contact journalism schools

The Indigenous Education Network (IEN)

  • A self determining organization to provide an Aboriginal presence at OISE/UT
  • An $11,500 scholarship for Native students

*Also you can apply for Graduate Assistant positions at OISE/UT, these are part-time paid work positions generating approx. $8,000 per year.*

Napolean LaFontaine Economic Development Scholarship Program

  • Available to Natives enrolled in a certificate, diploma or degree program
  • Further info and forms available

Native American Scholarship Fund, Inc.

  • Founded in 1986 and awarded to 131 carefully selected students
  • Priorities given to degrees in math, engineering, science, business, education and computers

SaskTel Scholarship Program

  • Awarded to Saskatchewan residents enrolled full-time in a SIAST program directly related to telecommunications or having some application to telecommunications.
  • Chosen on the basis of career interest, academic standing, community involvement and financial need.
  • First year scholarship applicants of $2000 each, must maintain a minimum average of 70%. Second year applicants of a $3000 scholarship, must maintain a minimum 75% average.
  • Deadline is early July.
  • Check with your school for more info.

Special Bursary for Northern Residents

  • A $5000 award for northern residents attending a degree granting institution in Canada.
  • A flexible program for northerners to undertake studies and further their careers in the north or assist their communities.

Xerox Aboriginal Scholarships Program – Xerox Canada

  • Four scholarships of $3000 will be awarded to Aboriginal students pursuing post-secondary education in Information Technology.


This is a list of various organizations and companies that provide funding for Native or non-Native filmakers, producers or directors (Most will be specifically for Native peoples.)

Bravo Network

Canadian Television Fund and Telefilm Canada

  • The CFT and Telefilm each have a 1 million dollar envelope for the production of Aboriginal laungauge programming.
  • This a funding source from the CRTC, to increase the amount of attractive programming for Canadians.
  • The funds are available to independent Canadian producers, who are not affiliated with any publicly funded programs, networks or organizations.
  • Should have producer membership with CFTPA, APFTQ or CIFC, or a provincial producers association.
  • The application deadline is usually April 1st, but since it is a first-come, first-served basis, one should apply early.
  • There are a number of factors determining applicant eligibility and program eligibility so it is neccassary for you to get a hold of the guidelines to determine if you can be funded and how much you will receive.
  • The Guidelines and applications can be obtained from:

DreamCatchers Inc.
– Provides funding to aboriginal filmakers as well as funding for students.

First Peoples Cultural Foundation

Northwestel/Artic Cooperatives Fund

  • A special cable levy, coordinated by TVNC to provide funding for the production of aboriginal and northern television funding.
  • 20% of these funds will go to independent aboriginal producers in the North.
  • The criteria for independent producers to access the fund is still in the works, so feel free to contact TVNC to find out more as information becomes available.