The Ross Charles Award

What is the Ross Charles Award?

The Ross Charles Award is established by CANCOM in cooperation with the Canadian Native Arts Foundation and TVNC to develop and promote the careers of young aboriginal peoples of Northern Canada in the communications industry, particularly broadcasting and telecommunications.

What form does the Award take?

The award is offered annually as a training program. Three successful candidates will embark during each year on a 6 week internship program at Cancom. The program, with a greater emphasis on the managerial or technical aspect, depending on the interest of the candidates, will be designed to initiate them to the many dimensions of broadcasting and telecommunications including strategic planning, technological development, marketing, fund-raising, public relations and regulatory policies and procedures of the CRTC. Cancom will cover the cost directly associated with the internship program including travel and accommodations. The sponsoring organization will pay the participant’s salary and benefits when applicable. The program will take place in Mississauga and Ottawa

Who May Apply?

The Ross Charles Award is developed for members of First Nations, Inuit, Metis living in the North as defined in the Native Broadcast Access Program (above the Hamelin line). Eligible candidates may be selected from the communication/industry sector; broadcasting, cable, telecommunications and allied fields including multi-media. They may also be graduates of a college or university who have a particular interest in pursuing a career in communications (broadcast or telecom). Candidates must be nominated by their employers or by organizations related to TVNC, Northern Native Broadcasting or the Canadian Native Arts Foundation.


  • Applicants must have at least one year related experience in the Canadian communications industry or a college diploma in a related field.
  • Currently be employed by a communications company or have a reasonable prospect of employment in such a company
  • Demonstrate great interests in the field of communications and strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills.